From Print to Pixels: How Digital is Revolutionising Retail Promotions

26/05/23 • 4min read

William Brown

The landscape of retail promotions is shifting.  Traditional printed flyers are giving way to digital channels, offering personalised experiences, measurable results, and a new era of customer engagement


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The four Retail Media challenges: what every marketplace director needs to know when choosing a retail media platform

Image of Grégoire Flatin
Grégoire Flatin

In 2021, Retail Media grew by +53% in the US (according to eMarketer) driven by the digitization of sales and marketing during COVID as well as Google's phasing out of third-party cookies by the end of 2023. BCG forecasts this market to reach $100b globally by 2024, representing a huge opportunity for retailers to add new revenue streams to their digital activities. However, growth will not be equally distributed, as the value of a Retail Media network lies in activating the broadest and the most qualified audience possible. 

 2 min read

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