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Le catalogue promotionnel digital et personnalisé

Success story

relevanC's personalized digital promotional catalog boosts in-store traffic and customer loyalty for a leading food retailer.

The Customer Engagement Challenge

In a market as competitive as supermarkets, the brand's constant aim is to expand its base of inserts. This first-party data is the most effective way of improving the customer experience and boosting conversion both online and in-store.

Traditionally, supermarkets have used paper catalogs distributed through letterboxes to encourage store visits. However, leaflets present significant limitations and constraints for the retailer: 

- low customer engagement and interest, with 42% of customers discarding leaflets without reading them

- impossible to measure the performance of the paper system 

- considerable environmental cost

- soaring production costs.

Digitalization and Personalization

Faced with these changes in consumer behavior, the company was looking for a way to offer the best deals to each customer, so as to improve the online customer experience and encourage in-store visits. Each customer consulting the company's digital catalog consults a unique selection of offers based on his or her purchase history and store.

relevanC's promotional performance measurement system enables business teams to assess the impact of online promotions on in-store traffic.

Thanks to relevanC's solution, experts in data management, optimization and analysis, the retailer was able to improve the relevance and reach of its offers, while making significant savings.

Omnichannel Promotional Communication

The promotional activation solution implemented is comprehensive, from centralized management of promotional data to omnichannel distribution of hyper-personalized offers to customers.

This personalization of promotions has considerably improved the customer experience, with a significant increase in traffic on the app and in-store voucher usage rates. Promotions are now sent to customers via various communication channels, such as its mobile app, website, WhatsApp and Facebook.

The data provided by relevanC enables it to analyze the conversion and traffic of each promotion for each store, and to show suppliers and partner brands the true value of personalizing promotions. This approach has enabled the company to co-finance marketing operations with brands and generate new monetization revenues, making the promotional activation system self-financing.

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