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Monoprix customer success story

Success story

Premium French supermarket chain, MONOPRIX, chose relevanC to take their promotions digital. 

Les Big Boss spoke to Sandrine Sainson Monoprix’s Director of Customer Experience and got the inside track on their partnership with relevanC.

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"Through this partnership, we offer our shoppers an entirely new experience with promotions in-store, combining ease of use, personalisation, and seamless integration into our ecosystem”

 Sandrine Sainson Director of Customer Experience, Monoprix 

Can you tell us about your role and responsibilities at MONOPRIX?

I am the Director of Customer Experience in the Marketing Department of Monoprix. My role is to ensure that we engage customers in a lasting relationship with Monoprix through a comprehensive experience, meaningful and innovative services, and better satisfaction management. I lead a fifteen-person team that manages the central and local customer relationships. My team works on the customer experience, service offerings and customer journeys closely related to the loyalty program. 

What challenges were you facing before deploying relevanC’s solution?

We decided to stop distributing paper catalogues in 2019 for ecological and economic reasons. We were one of the first actors to do so. relevanC was able to assist in digitising our catalogues and offering a personalised approach to offers based on geolocation. This allowed us to reach a wider audience with promotional offers, even when we no longer distributed catalogues in-store. We finally stopped printing catalogues at the end of 2021.

Does the personalisation of promotions go beyond localisation?

[Yes]. The first step is to present the user with the right product/price assortment relating to their local store. Then we personalise the user experience based on their purchase history (through the loyalty program). This is done by displaying promotions that match a shopper’s purchase tendencies by basing them on their purchase history. The goal is to highlight a selection of products among the 500 available, encouraging the shopper to then benefit from the promotion in-store.

Why did you choose relevanC’s solution, and how has the partnership benefited you?

Every retailer has their own definition of a digital catalogue: some have opted for an online PDF version of the printed catalogue. Others decided to add interactivity to the online PDF. relevanC provides a genuine digital storefront that allows us to communicate promotional activities and build a close relationship with customers through a personalised and mobile experience. Furthermore, we were looking for a solution that didn't require IT development, and relevanC ticked all the boxes. Integration was smooth, aligning with our existing catalogue creation and content provision processes.

How is the partnership going today?

All our digital promotional catalogues are produced using relevanC's solution. Their teams also support us to optimise the customer journey. We work hand in hand to implement features to drive the uptake of digital catalogues and to make them an important lever for attracting customers. 
This partnership has brought our shoppers a new customer experience. We offer them an entirely new experience with promotions in stores, combining ease of use, personalisation, and seamless integration into our ecosystem, particularly within our M'Monoprix application. Every day, more and more customers interact with our digital catalogues, and we have a goal of making that a daily habit.
In addition, this partnership brings us additional insights, especially regarding user behaviour. Previously, data collected from online PDF catalogues was limited and did not allow us to analyse customer behaviour in the lead-up to an in-store visit. relevanC’s solution allows us to strengthen the bond between the store and customers through a mobile experience that puts local promotional offers front and centre..
The numbers we’re seeing show the extent of customer interest, with significantly higher visit times than in the past. The number of promotions favourited by shoppers is also growing daily, with more than 3,000 promotions added to favourites per week.  relevanC’s solution is a promotions hub capable of structuring, managing, and enriching promotional data. Thanks to its "API-first" approach, we can publish individual store’s promotions and display them wherever we want (newsletters, applications, chatbots, websites).

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